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Journal Policy


Journal of Zankoy Sulaimani is an interdisciplinary journal for science that publishes research articles, case report, short communications, and reviews articles in the fields of medicine, science, agriculture and engineering.


Publication Frequency:

In regard to the directive n. 7/19/14673 issued by the presidency office in 19/12/2018, the journal board announce that the journal will be published biannually; two issue in every 20/6 and 20/12 will be released.


Manuscript Submission Guidelines:

  1. Use standard template and JZS-A guidelines as on web JZS-A. Standard template can be download on web page of JZS-A (Download).

  2. Cover letter is required with Manuscript submission.  Cover letter template can be download from web page of JZS-A(Download).

  1. Author’s information’s and list of suggested reviewers are required with manuscript submission.  Required form can be downloaded from web page of JZS-A (Download).     

  2. English editing certificate from well recognized language editing companies will enhance the review process by JZS-A.

Please use one of the following companies editing Service:

A. The USA's Best Proofreading and Editing Services | Proofed (


          C. Elsevier Author Services | Facebook

          D. AJE: English Editing & Author Services for Research Publication


  1. The manuscript should be checked by plagiarism detecting programs with upper limit of no more than 20 %.   

  2. Manuscript should be submitted via email to only.

  1. If one of the above requirements is not fulfilled the manuscript will be ignored.


 Template requirements:

1-The manuscript should be written in English

2-The manuscript must be typewritten, with double line spacing

3- Using Times New Roman and 11 pt font size.

 4-All pages must be numbered consecutively.

5-The order of the manuscripts should be title, author(s) and affiliation(s), telephone and fax numbers as well as an e-mail address of the corresponding author.

 Abstract, keywords, text, introduction, materials and method/or theoretical background, result and discussion, conclusion, conflict of interest, acknowledgements, and references also should be included respectively.

 6-A suitable introduction is necessary but not a detail of literature. The aim of the introduction is to review earlier work and current development in the field briefly. The experimental section must give adequate detail of the materials, methods and equipment’s to allow repetition of the work elsewhere, but should not include too much detail of normally used procedures. Regarding the conflict of interests, the authors must declare that they have no competing interests.

7-The references  to be formatted using either EndNote or Mendeley software,  considering APA 6 as acceptable style  for JZS-A . Maximum allowed references number for research  articles  are 40 and for review articles are 70.

 8-The editorial board will be checking every manuscript by plagiarism applications similarity detection service to determine the plagiarism level. Manuscripts with similarity level greater than 20% will not be allowed for publication. Otherwise the researcher will be required to reduce the plagiarism percentage



The article processing charge, that is, the publication fee for the journal of Zankoy Sulaimani is (150,000 IQD).