Comparison between Taurus and Zagros Thrust zone in Iraq from basic geological data

Al-Brifkani Mohamad Jalal Noori
Collage of Spatial Planning and Applied Science,University of Duhok,Kurdistan Region,Iraq


Comparison between the Northern Thrust zone and the Zagros Thrust zone of Iraq
reveals some basic differences between them. The differences are related to the timing of
the opening and closure of the Neo-Tethys ocean. This implies that the two processes
were diachronous. The Arabian indenter represents a protrusion and irregularity in the
shape of Arabian plate margin. The indenter resulted in earlier collision in the Northern
Thrust zone in comparison with the Zagros Thrust zone.
The basic differences between the two Thrust zones include the presence of Paleozoic
rocks in the Northern Thrust zone, lesser thicknesses of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic
rocks and the near complete absence of igneous bodies or exotic terranes. On the
contrary the Zagros Thrust zone is characterized by the thick Mesozoic and Cenozoic
sediments, plenty of igneous bodies and volcanic extrusion as well as thick flysch
sedimentation exemplified by the Tanjero Formation. These differences were deciphered
by the style and timing of the opening and closure of the neo -Tethys ocean during a
complete Wilsonian cycle.

Key Words:
Taurus, Paleozoic,


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