Palynological and Stratigraphical Evidences on the Age of the Outcropped Khabour Formation near Chalki Nasara Village, Kurdistan Region, Northern Iraq

Dler H. Baban & Fadhil A. Lawa
University of Sulaimani - School of Science - Department of Geology, Kirkuk Street, Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan Region/Iraq


The siliciclastic predominate sequence of the Khabour Quartzite-Shale
Formation crops out in Kurdistan Region within a narrow strip which runs semi-parallel
to Iraq/Turkey border line, within the Imbricated and Thrusted Ora Zone, in front of the
Bitlis Suture Zone which resulted from the collision of the Arabian and Anatolian plate.
The studied samples from Chalki Nasara section appeared to be deposited within shallow
marine environment and considered as a part of the Tectono- megasequence Ap.2.
The identified seventy nine palynomorphs within the prepared palynological
slides were all acritarchs with no observation of other known Lower Paleozoic
palynomorphs like chitinozoa, scolecodonts, and graptolites. The identified acritarch
species are among those which well documented in Cambrian and Ordovician periods
such as Acanthodiacrodium angustum, Dactylofusa squama, Cristallinium cambriense,
Saharidia fragilis, Acanthodiacrodium ubuii, Polygonium gracile, Acanthodiacrodium
achrasii, Gonisphaeridium tener, Actinotodissus formosus, Polygonium pungens,
Actinotodissus spinutisus, Cymatiogalea membranispina, Polygonium symbolum,
Actinotodissus crassus. Accordingly and depending on the three distinguished acritarch
assemblage palynozones and the stratigraphic position, the age of the lower unit of
Khabour Formation in the studied area determined as Late Cambrian-Tremadocian.
The dark brown and black colors of the identified palynomorphs within the
formation indicated to thermally post mature condition of the organic matters. On the
other hand, kerogen type I appeared to be the dominated quality of the existed organic
matters and that based on the ratio between the different organic matter components.

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