Effect of Kinetin and Budding Date on Top Working for Black Mulberry (Morus nigra L.)

Rasul Rafiq Aziz1, Fakhraddin Mustafa Hama Saleh1 , Faraydwn Karim Ahmad1

1 Department Sociological Theory, College of Agricultural Sciences, University of  Sulaimani Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Original: 26/12/2017, Revised: 30/01/2018, Accepted: 06/02/2018, Published online:

DOI Link:  https://doi.org/10.17656/jzs.10700


This study was carried out at Tawella, Located north east of Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan Region in order to determine the effect of two budding date (June 5 and June 20) and three concentrations (0, 5 and 10) mg/l-1 of Kinetin on budding   success  and growth scion of black mulberry .Results showed that the highest bud success (60%) was obtained on June 20 compared to 50% for June 5 while 5 mg/l-1 Kinetin gave the highest budding success. Interaction of June 5 and 5 mg/l-1 Kinetin resulted in highest budding success (80%).  Budding on June 5 gave the highest averages of budshoot length and Number of leaves per budshoot. Kinetin at 5mg/l-1 gave highest budshoot length. Interaction June5 and 5mg/l-1 Kinetin gave the highest budshoot length.

Key Words: Mulberry, Budding dates, Kinetin,  budding success  


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