A Technical Report: Geotechnical & Geophysical Properties Study of Soil about Tabeen-Dokan in Sulamania Region

Ahmed Salih Mohamad

College of Engineering, University of Sulaimani

This research including field and laboratory detailed investigation for study of physical and chemical
engineering of Tabeen-Dokan in Sulymania Region. Experimental work included two main aspects,
that was taken disturbed and undisturbed soil samples carry out to several tests in laboratory of soil mechanic. The
second part was related to the field tests for calculating geophysical properties of soil in addition defining of
water table level . The results of analysis collection data indicate that the soil in this region have a good
bearing capacity but have some problem in swelling index and the water table was not observed during the
investigation period.
Keywords:- Augers, laboratory soil test, soil investigation, and swelling.

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