The Incidence Rate of Breast Cancer in Suleimani Governorate in 2006: Preliminary Study

Ali Hattem Hussein, & Peri Mohammad Aziz

Foundation of Technical Education, Kurdistan region / Iraq  

Background: Breast cancer is the most common site-specific cancer in women. The incidence rate of
breast cancer in Suleimani did not estimated before the year 2006. The aim of this study is to find out the
incidence rate of breast cancer and some other statistical data in Suleimani city / Iraq in 2006. Patients
and Methods: A questionnaire was designated to collect data from all newly diagnosed breast cancer

patients in the year 2006, and from control group. We set up a hypothesis that to be tested using Chi-
Square test at 95% confidence level. Results: The number of patients was 61 (60 females and 1 male).

The incidence rate in females is 10.1 per 100000 adult females in the year 2006. The age group of highest
incidence is 45 – 54. Most of patients are house wives, married, fertile, living in city center and urban
areas, have no family histories of breast carcinoma, nonsmokers, have history of breast feeding, have
body mass index above normal range, and mammography or U/S was infrequent screening test for breast
mass done for them. Invasive ductal carcinoma of breast is the most frequent tumor among patients. The
results revealed that 11 (18.0%) of patients have history of exposure to chemical weapons in the year
1988. Conclusion: The incidence rate of breast cancer in Suleimani is 10.1 per 100000 adult females in
the year 2006, which is relatively low incidence.

Keywords: Breast cancer, Suleimani city, incidence rate, 2006, mammography, risk