Studying the Background Radiation from the Soil of Halabja City

Kamal O. Abdullah

College of Science, University of Sulaimani

On 16th March 1988, Halabja city in Sulaimany region of Iraq was bombarded by chemical bombs of
Saddam’s regium. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the level of radioactivity from the soil, the
water, and the air in that region. For this purpose two samples of soils are taken .One from Shahidan
and the other from Kani-Ashkan regions in Halabja city been taken and analyzed in Iraqi Atomic Energy
Agency in 2001,by using the γ-ray spectrometer including the HPGe detector. The radio nuclides of
Radium (Ra-226), Lead (Pb-214), Iodine (I-133), Bismuth (Bi-214), Actinium (Ac-228), and Potassium
(K-40), have been identified.

Keywords: (Natural Radioactivity, Specific Activity, U-238, Th-234, K-40)

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