Analysis and Evaluation of Fresnel Zone Antenna Designs

Asaad M. Jassim Al-Hindawi, Ammar M. Al-Shaikly

Sulaimani Technical College,Sulaimani, Kurdistan, 2 College of Engineering, University of Al-Nahrain 

This paper presents an analysis and evaluation of two designs of flat aperture antenna based on
Huygen's principle and Fresnel diffraction theory ; therefore, this antenna type is called Fresnel zone
plate antenna. The two designs include Soret and Wood types which are different in shape, design
procedure and the manufacturing techniques; thus in radiation characteristics. Using the exact solution,
the radii of Fresnel zones (rings), directive gain and aperture efficiency of the antenna designs are
calculated and the radiation patterns are obtained. It is found that the antenna with odd zones is better in
radiation characteristics than the antenna with even zones. It is also determined that the focusing
efficiency of Wood antenna design is very good and four times higher than that of Soret type. The
obtained results from the two antenna designs are discussed and evaluated.

Keywords: Fresnel zone, aperture antenna, radiation pattern.

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