Myringoplasty with temporalis fascia

Saleh A. Tawfique1,Abdulla Alnakshabandi2

Kurdistan Board for Medical specialties, 2 ENT Department, Alain hospital, Alain city, UAE

          A retrospective study for myringoplasty operations at ENT department, Alain hospital, Alain city-UAE for the last 5 years (2004-2009) done. Total 64 patients with central tympanic membrane perforation were operated by one surgeon using Temporalis fascia graft for repair and using underlay technique. In 56 cases (87%) graft were taken completely while in 8 (13%) cases graft, were partially taken and patients had smaller residual perforation. 39 ears (60%) had normal hearing or improved hearing up to 15 dB air-bone gape. The average time for follow up was 37 months (2-72 months). 
Keywords: Myringoplasty, Temporalis fascia graft. 

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