Influence Of The Experiment-Geometry On The Attenuation Of Beta-Particles

Sarbast S. Ameen, Ari K. Ahmed, Rawand H. Abdulla
Department of Physics, School of Science Education, Faculty of Science and Science Education, University of Sulaimani

The influence of the geometry has been investigated; experiments have been performed for
qualitative determination of the effect of Experiment Geometry On beta-ray absorption coefficient.
It has been demonstrated that the reduction in the number of beta-particles transmitted through
absorbers is due mainly to the process of deflection from initial direction. The investigations have
been performed using the beta radioactive source Sr( Y) 39 90 38 90, and scintillation detector with stilbene
crystal. An emperical relation for the number of beta-particles transmitted through an absorber,
which accounts for the geometry and the contribution of scattered electron has been tested.

Key words: beta-radiation, absorption coefficient, beta-scattering, attenuation coefficient, beta-

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