The Impact of Reactive Routing Protocols for Transferring Multimedia Data over MANET

Ako Muhammad Abdullah and Roza Hikmat Hama Aziz
Computer Science Department, Faculty of Physical & Basic Education, Sulaimani University

A Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of wireless nodes that can be
dynamically set up anytime and anywhere without requiring existing infrastructure. In the network
each node works as a router to discover and maintain the routes form the source to destination.
Nowadays, demanding for transferring multimedia traffic over MANET is increased while the
different factors that effect in MANET to maintain real-time communication in the presence of a
dynamic network topology. One of the factors that affect the ability of MANET to transfer
multimedia traffic from source to destination is routing protocol. The main goal of this paper is the
study, selection and evaluation the performance of two reactive routing protocols: Adhoc On
Demand Distance Vector (ADOV) and Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) in a high mobility case under
low, medium, and high density scenarios in order to transfer video conferencing application by using
an OPNET simulator. While AODV and DSR share similar On Demand behavior, the protocols
internal mechanism leads to significant differences in performance. The metrics used for
performance analysis are average end-to-end delay, network load and throughput. As a result of our
studies that the performance varies widely across different network sizes and results from once
scenario cannot be applied to those from the other scenario. In all three scenarios, we concluded
that performance of the DSR protocol is not good as throughput is very low and the routing load is
very high when compared to AODV protocols. AODV exhibits a better performance than DSR
protocols in terms of end-to-end delay. This study proves that AODV performs well in terms of end-
to-end delay, network load, and throughput with increasing number of mobile nodes.

Keywords: Mobile Ad hoc Network, Ad hoc On Demand Distance Vector, Dynamic Source
Routing Protocol, Video Conferencing Application, Route Discovery and Route Maintenance


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