A study of somatic cell and their relation to some milk traits and udder measurements in Black and Meriz goats

Jalal E. Alkass, Kawa Y. Merkhan
Animal production department, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Duhok University

A total of 246 observation of test day milk yield (TDMY), fat percent and somatic
cell count (SCC) of 25 lactating does (2-6 years old) from each of Black and Meriz goat
were used in this study. Milk yield was recorded at monthly intervals, commencing from
the 30th day after kidding till the does were dried off. Also, the external udder
measurements of does were performed. Results revealed that a non-significant negative
correlations were found between SCC and TDMY in both Meriz and Black goats except
that at 3rd collection in Black goat was significant (r=-0.421, P<0.05). Fat content was
positively correlated with SCC (P>0.05) in both breeds. In Meriz goat, SCC was
negatively correlated with udder circumference (r=-0.550, P<0.01) and positively
correlated with each of teat diameter (r=0.559, P<0.01) and teat length (r=0.665,
P<0.01). All the correlation coefficients between SCC and udder measurements in Black
goat were not significant.

Keywords: Somatic cell Count; Test day milk yield; Udder measurements; Does.


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