Microbial Load in Fore-milk and Total Milk of Iraqi Local Goat Breed

1 Arif Kassim AL-Hubaety, 2 RimonWaadullah Mate
Department of Animal resources, College of Agriculture and Forestry. University of Mosul, 2 Department of Veterinary Public Health, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of

The current study was carried out on ten local goat breed belong to a private
farmers in Bashika city, 20 km north east of Mosul province. The aim of this study was
to evaluate the hygienic state of goat's milk, depending on the Total Bacteria Count and
Total Fungi count. Milk samples were collected from each goat every ten days and for
three times. The samples represented the fore-milk, remained milk [which is free from
fore- milk] and the total milk. The laboratory examination of milk samples revealed that
the total bacteria count were [3.36 log for fore - milk, 2.8 log for remained milk and
3.3X103log/ ml[cfu] for mixed milk]. Also total fungi count were[ 2.72 log for fore - milk,
2.5 log for remained milk and 2.63 X102 log / ml[cfu] for mixed milk ]. The results
showed that there is variation in the percentage of total bacteria count and total fungi
between the fore-milk, remained milk which free from fore- milk and the mixed milk
were 72.25, 12. 88 , 68.28 % and 39.77, 18.74, 25.89% respectively.

Key words: Goat milk; Bacteria; Fungi; Fore-milk; Udder preparation; Total bacterial count


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