Some factors affecting the Job performance level of Agricultural extension personnel to their extension duties in Dohuk and Sulaimania governorates

Abid A. Hasan Al-doski, Tahir M. Laiq
1 Faculty of Agriculture and forestry, Dohuk, 2  Agricultural technical college of Halabja, Sulaimani

Job performance reviews are extremely important to any organization. Through
this process, the organization assesses the worthiness of all its employees. It identifies the
employees who need to be trained and motivated to perform better. The Performance of
extension worker, like any organizational behavior, influenced by a number of personal
, economic, social and psychological variables, and some variables related to the work
environment.The main objective of the study was to assess the job performance of
extension personnel in Dohuk and Sulaimania governorates in Kurdistan region of Iraq
as well as determine the relationships between selected personal characteristics and job
performance. The sample of the research consisted of 180 respondents representing
73.2% of extension personnel working in the Agricultural Extension Centers in the two
targeted governorates. A personal interview schedule was used for data collection.
Percentages, mean scores, and correlation statistic were used in data analysis. The
findings of the study indicate that the level of job performance for Extension workers
were ranged between law and moderate in Dohuk governorate while ranged between
moderate and high in Sulaimania governorate . The findings also indicated that there
are a significant relationship between the job performance for Extension workers and
(age, sex, years of service in extension , Job stress , participation in training courses and
use of information sources) and no significant relationship between Job performance
and ( level of Education ,specialization , years of practice in Agriculture work and Job
satisfaction. Based on the findings of the study, The need to design policies aimed at
improving the level of Job performance of Extension personnel in the targeted areas was


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