JCGP-Injective Rings With Some Types of Rings

Abdullah M. Abdul-Jabbar

Department of Mathematics, College of Science, Salahaddin University, Kirkuk main street -Erbil Kurdistan Region Iraq 


The concept of right P-injective rings, which was first introduced by Ming in 1974. As a generalization of right P-injective rings, the notion of right JCP-injective rings, which was first introduced by Junchao in 2009. Now, in the present paper we introduce the notion of right JCGP-injective rings, which is stronger than right GP-injective rings due to Ming in 1985. Some properties, characterizations and main results for right JCGPinjective rings will be finding.

Key Words : JCP-injective rings, JCGP-injective rings, GP-injective rings, regular rings


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