Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation activity of some new substituted spiro-thiazolidine,Imidazolinone and azetidine derivatives of 5-Bromo Isatine

S. M.H. Al-Majidi & L. H.K Kaka Hama

College of Science, University  of Baghdad 

A series of new 5-BromoIsatin linked to spiro thiazolidinone, Imidazolinone and azetidinone moieties were synthesized. Schiff bases 3-(substituted –imino)-1H-indole-2one(1-5),which were prepared by condensation 5-bromoisatin with different substituted aromatic amine in the presence of glacial acetic acid and Dimethyl- formamide (DMF) as a solvent. Three routs with different reagents were used for the cyclization of the Prepared Schiff bases,the reagents(2-mercaptoaceticacid,2-aminoaceticacid and monochloroacetylchloride) to form spiro-Thiazolidinone(6-10), spiro-imidazolinone (11-15) and spiro-azetidinone       (16-20) derivatives respectively. The  structures of the newly synthesized compounds were identified by spectral methods FTIR,1H-NMR. Furthermore the effects of the preparing compounds on some strains of bacteria and one yeast were studied. 


5-Bromo isatin

Schiff base

Spiro- thiazoildinone 

Spiro Imidazolinone Spiro-azetidinone antimicrobial activity.  


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