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Mechanical and Physical properties of Medium Density fiber board made from rice husk and fiber coating.

Nagheen Abdul Jaleel Abdul Majeed1, Mohamed Ali Jabber2 , Nooraldeen A. Al-jabire2

1 Department of Geology, College of Science, University of Basrah, Iraq.
2 Research Center Polymer, Basrah University, Iraq.

The study includes the preparation of Medium Density fiber board(MDF) made from the
coating paper and rice husk, which are used in the prefabricated furniture panels, and
manufacturing of these panels using PVA polymer as bonding materials. The flexural
strength reach 3.73 MP compared with imported panels of 3.5 MP, thus these
manufactured panels are resistant to combustion. The present study used rise husk with
coating paper at different rate in addition to cement and polymer materials consist of
poly vinyl estate (PVA). In this paper physical and mechanical peoperties of MDF
manufacturer from natural fiber studied. Experimental results show that the density of
MDF are about 339 to 820 Kg/m3. The Bending test are about 0.25 to 3.73 MP. The
water absorption are about 4% to 24%.

Key Words: Rice husk, coating paper, cement, poly vinyl estate


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