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Palynological Study of the Genus Valerianella Miller (Valerianaceae) in Kurdistan Region-Iraq.

Abdullah Shakur Sardar1, Shelan A. Aziz Hussein1 & Serwan Taha Al-Dabbagh2

1 Department of Biology, College of Education, Salahaddin University- Hawler, Kurdistan Region-Iraq.
2 Department of Field Crops, College of Education, Salahaddin University- Hawler, Kurdistan Region-Iraq.

The present study dealt with the pollen grains of 11 species of the genus Valerianella
Miller within the family Valerianaceae which have been collected within the field trips
during spring and summer season of year 2014 (about 20 trips) from the different
districts in Kurdistan of Iraq. From the used characters that had a role in the separation of
some species were the pollen shapes, sizes, surface sculpture and the end shapes of the
colpi, generally the pollens had a limited role in the species separation. Photographs have
been taken for the polar and equatorial views of the pollen grains. The species were
Valerianella chlorostephana Boiss., V. coronata (L.) DC., V. dactylophylla Boiss. &
Hohen, V. discoidea (L.) Lois., V. kotschyi Boiss., V. lasiocarpa (Stev.) Betcke,
V.muricata (Stev.) Baxt., V.oxyrhyncha Fisch & Mey, V.pumila (L.) DC., V. tuberculata
Boiss. and V. vesicaria (L.) Moench.

KeyWordsPalynological Study, Valerianella, Valerianaceae, Kurdistan, Iraq.


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