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The comparative study of some faba bean (Vicia faba L.) varieties under rainfed condition in Sulaimani –Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Sherwan Esmail Tofiq1, Omer Kerim Aziz1 and Sazgar Hama Salih2

1 Faculty of Agricultural science, University of Sulaimani , Kurdistan region, Iraq
2 Agricultural Research Center - Sulaimani

The present study was carried out at Sulaimani region- Agricultural Research Center of
Bakrajo, during three successive winter seasons (2011-2014).Using seven varieties of
faba bean namely Zaina, Seher, Yieldiz, Civilla, Luz di Otono , Tanyari, and local.
According to randomized complete block design with three replications. The
comparisons among the means were carried out using least significant difference test
(LSD) at 0.05 significant level. Results of this investigation summarized as the average
of all seasons as follow: The variety Seher recorded maximum values for the characters
pod length, number of seeds per pod and 100 seed weight, while the variety Civilla
recorded the highest value for the characters number of seeds per plant and seed yield,
while local variety produced the highest value for the character number of pods per
plant. Significant differences were presented between seasons due to the average of all
characters. The third season exhibited maximum values due to the characters number of
pods per plant, pod length, number of seeds per plant and seed yield.

Key Words: Broad bean Variety Environment


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