The Impact of Kishk Components on the Physiochemical and Sensory Properties of Kishk

Mohammad wajeeh Zainulabiden1, Tara Abdul-Rahman Ahmed1, Awaz Omar Rostam1

1Faculty of Agricultural sciences – University of Sulaimani, Bakrajo Street, Food sciences Department, Sulaymaniyah –
Kurdistan Region - Iraq.

Two varieties of wheat, Bakrajo (durum) and Aras (bread wheat) were used to
prepare two sizes of burgul which used as a components in Kishk mixture. Kishk
was prepared in two groups of mixtures: 1:3 and 1:4 burgul : doogh (yogurt
drink) with or without malt (0.5% on flour basis)
Using course burgul granules (>1000μ) decreased gelatinization temperature and
increased Amylograph maximum viscosity compared to use fine burgul granules
(< 350μ) and malt addition, which indicated to present of ungelatinized starch in
dried kishk. Results showed that kishk powder flowability (Carr index) depended
on their agglomeration more than it’s depending on any components of kishk
mixtures. Sensory evaluation showed that an increasing in kishk odor, taste and
color took place when 0.001 part of malt was added.

Key Words: Kishk,Burgul, Amylograph, Carr Index


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