Some heavy Metal pollution investigation in Sulaimani province groundwater

Ali Bawasheakh Ahmad , Akram. O. Esmail

Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sulaimani, 2 College of Agriculture, Salahaddin University

The paper aims to go into the impact of some heavy metal contamination in the
Sulaimani province groundwater for irrigation purpose. Water samples were collected
from (36) locations in the study area that not the same and the heavy metals such as
(Iron, Zinc, Copper and Manganese) were finding out by using Atomic Absorption
Spectrophotometer. Heavy metal contamination appraisal in ground water required
cognition of pre anthropogenic metal concentrations to act as a reference against which
measured values can be compared. Groundwater taint by heavy metal was
accomplished using Enrichment Factor (EF), Metal Contamination Index (MCI),
Contamination Factor (CF), Pollution Index (PI), Contamination degree (Cd),
modified Contamination Degree (mCd), Pollution load Index (PLI) and Index of geo
accumulation (Igeo). Established on the above exponents, the results indicate the study
groundwater resources to be very low degree of contamination.

Key Words: Trace elements, Heavy metals, Anthropogenic, Contamination, Enrichment Factor (EF), Contamination Factor (CF), Contamination degree (Cd), Pollution load Index (PLI) and Geo accumulation Index (Igeo)


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