Real Time Motion and Color Detection

Fatima Kamil Faek1 & Velar Hikmet Elyas1

1Faculty of Engineering – Salahaddin University

When using HD video cameras in stores a large storage space is needed. The required
storage space can be decreased using motion and a color detection algorithm that
makes the camera records only when a motion or a lighting change occur. So, in this
work a real time motion and color detection is presented based on the difference of
two successive frames of images after dividing the image into blocks, different block
sizes are tested (2×2, 4×4 , and 8×8).YCbCr color system is used for each case with
different thresholds for Cb, Cr, and Y. Good results for the motion detection can be
obtained using Cb, and Cr other than Y, since the coloring components of an image are
exist in Cr, and Cb, which are important for motion detection. Additionally the
components that produce or reflect bright light can be obtained from Y. Consequently
the result of lightening change detection at different illumination conditions is better
using Y more than Cb, and Cr. This means that the best result for both motion, and
lighting change detection is obtained by combining the chrominance (Cb, Cr) and
luminance (Y) components of a video. The data used in this work are collected in an
indoor environment using a laptop webcam under different illumination conditions.

Key Words: Motion detection. Color detection. Lightening detection. Difference of frames.


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