Solving Two-dimensional Linear Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind by Using Series Solution Methods

Rostam K. Saeed & Karzan A. Berdawood

Salahaddin University– College of Science - Department of Mathematics,

In this paper, we focus on obtaining an approximate solution of the two types of two-
dimensional linear Volterra-Fredhom integral equations of the second kind. Series

solution method is reformulated and applied with different bases functions for finding
an approximate solution (sometimes the exact solution) for the above two types of
integral equations. This is done by computer program with the aid of the Maple code
program version 13 for all the above prescribed methods. Furthermore, we proved
some theoretical results on the convergence analysis of the presented methods

Key Words: Volterra-Fredhom integral equations, Power Series, Orthogonal Functions


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