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JZS - Volume 18 - No. 3 , 2016

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TitleAuthor(s)AbstractDOI LinkPage(s)LanguagePublishing Year
Impact of LBP Topologies as Texture Descriptors on Ethnicity Identification Hawkar O. Ahmed1, Mahdi M. Younis2, and Shakhawan H. Wady3 Many ethnicity identification techniques have been developed during the past years but the problem remains are the way of using these techniques, especially local binary   219 - 230 English 20.09.2016 
Assessment on Elevated Serum Vitamin B12 Level in Cancer Patients at Hiwa Hospital Nian N. Noori*1, Zhian S. Ramzi2, Aveen H. Saeed3, Kosar A. Omer4,Dosti N. Othman4, Beston F. Nore Free circulating serum Vitamin B12 (Vit-B12) levels is mainly used for diagnosis the deficiency of cobalamin (Cbl). However, approximately 15% of patients have hyper cobalaminemia (high Vit-B12 levels) without any existing consensus for its clinical implications. But elevated levels of serum  111-118 English 20.09.2016 
Purification and Chitinolytic Characteristics of Chitinases A and B from Serratia marcescens Jamil A. Baban In Serratia marcescens the enzymatic chitinolytic machinery of is one of the best that can convert insoluble polysaccharides.   19 - 26 English 20.09.2016 
An Algorithm for Computing Spline Function  Faraidun K. H.1, Karwan H.F Jwamer2, and Sabah Ali Mohammed A numerical algorithm is constructed to develop numerical solution to the spline function based belonging to the C6-class. The presented method showed that the approximate   269 - 276 English 20.09.2016 
Molecular Detection of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation in Breast Cancer Patients in Erbil Using PCR Techniques Gihan Hamasharif Hamad1, Jaladet Muhammed Salih Jubrael2 & Salah Abubakir Ali3 Breast Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women and It is known that one quarter of women are expected to develop breast cancer at some   39 - 60 English 20.09.2016 
Environmental Friendly conversion of locally available low-cost materials to zeolite Kafia M.Shareef 1, Heman A.Smail 1, & Zainab Ramli 2 Mordenite, NaY and NaX zeolites were hydrothermally synthesized from locally available low-cost materials such as, chert rock, barley husk, and shale clay without   61 - 72 English 20.09.2016 
Using Standard Division to Solve Multi-Objective Quadratic Fractional Programming Problems Nejmaddin A. Sulaiman1, Maher A. Nawkhass1  In this paper, Standard Division (SD) technique is used to solve multi-objective Quadratic fractional programming problems (MOQFPP), each objective functions has   165 - 172 English 20.09.2016 
Spectrophotometric determination of Mefenamic acid via diazo coupling reaction using different reagents in dosage forms Shlear Hussein Hasan1 Three simple, accurate and precise spectrophotometric methods were proposed for determining of mefenamic acid in pure form as well as in dosage forms. The proposed  209 - 218 English 20.09.2016 
Spatial variability of soil erodibility factor using geo-statistics method in Duhok dam watershed, Kurdistan region, Iraq Lida Issazadeh1, Marwan B. I. Govay1, Vahil I. H. Barwari1, Omar A. O. Rekani1 Soil erosion is one of the crucial problems in watershed and environmental management.It is obvious soil and water management can reduce soil losses and land   145 - 152 English 20.09.2016 
Hemodynamic and oxidative stress effects of gamma-radiation in both male and female rats Ismail Mustafa. Maulood, Ali H. Ahmed and Hawzeen K. Othman Objective. The present study aimed to determine the alteration in hemodynamic and oxidative stress caused by gamma-irradiation in both sexes of rats. Materials and   9 - 18 English 20.09.2016 
Ridge Estimates of Regression Coefficients for Soil Moisture Retention of Iraqi Soils. Dr. Khasraw Abdulla Rashid1 & Dr. Hanaw A. Amin2 Statistical literature has several methods for coping with multicollinearity problem. Ridge regression “RR” is compared with multiple linear regression for studying “Suction   97 - 110 English 20.09.2016 
Molecular and Antibiotic Resistance Study of Acinetobacter baumannii Isolated From Different Sources Zirak Faqe Ahmed Abdulrahman A total of thirty five Acinetobacter baumanniiisolates were identified from burn, wound, urine, and sputum samples among two hundred forty five patients admitted to Rizgary, Erbil   153 - 164 English 20.09.2016 
The occurrence of L-GALACTONO-1, 4-LACTONE DEHYDROGENASE (L-GalLDH) in L-ascorbate biosynthesis pathway from photosynthetic eukaryotes Sevan Omer Majed L-Galactono-1, 4-lactone dehydrogenase (L-GalLDH) is a key enzyme that catalyzes the last step in the L-ascorbate pathway in biosynthetic eukaryotes. It is widely distributed in the   85-96 English 20.09.2016 
Indication of calcareous tempestite inside the Qulqula Group in the Zagros Suture Zone, KRI. Mushir M. Baziany This sedimentological study focuses on carbonate storm deposits (calcareous tempestites) have been recognized for Qulqula platform in the Zagros Suture Zone   129-144 English 20.09.2016 
Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Azo-imine Dyes and their Applications Farouq E. Hawaiza*, Darya J. Raheema and Mohammed K. Samada  Some new azo-imine dyes have been synthesized via the diazotization of sulphanilic acid and its coupling reaction with salicylaldehyde giving a starting material 4-((3-formyl-4-  27 - 38 English 20.09.2016 
Evaluation of Physical Characteristic in Ciprofloxacin Tablet Dosage Form and Quantitative Analysis by UV-Spectrophotometry and HPLC Nigar A. Najim1, Renas R. Jalal1, Nigar M. Qadr1 & Sakar B. Sabeer1 Ciprofloxacin is used as an active ingredient in different dosage forms, including tablet, which is used for treatment of various infectious diseases. Quantitative   173 - 184 English 20.09.2016 
Comparative Study in Evaluating the Antioxidation Efficiency for Native Types Antioxidants Extracted from Crude Oil with Synthesized Types Ass.Prof. Dr. Mohammad Jamil Abd AlGhani The natural native antioxidants N,N-P-methyl phenyl acetone and N,N- phenyl acetone were isolated from Iraqi crude oil region of Kirkuk by ion exchange and their structure   201 - 208 English 20.09.2016 
Using Optimal Geometric Average Technique to Solve Extreme Point Multi- Objective Quadratic Programming Problems Prof. Nejmaddin A. Sulaiman1 ; Lec. Ronak M.Abdullah2 and snur O.Abdull2 In this paper, we suggested a new technique by using optimal geometric average for the value of functions, to solve extreme point multi- objective quadratic programming   73-84 English 20.09.2016 
The Element ideal graph Γ_(p^α q^β ) (Z) Fryad Husein Abdul-Qadr1 Let R be a commutative ring with identity and let x be an element of R. The Element Ideal Graph Γ_x (R) is a graph whose vertex set is the set of non-trivial ideals of R and two   193 - 200 English 20.09.2016 
Optical Properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) / Silver Sulfide Polymer Composites Nigar A. Najim1, Renas R. Jalal1, Nigar M. Qadr1 & Sakar B. Sabeer1 In this work silver sulfide (Ag2S) has been synthesized inside the PVA polymer by in situ chemical reduction method. The UV-Visible spectrophotometer was used to study   185 - 192 English 20.09.2016 
Correlation and Path Analysis in Barley under Rainfall Conditions Sherwan I. Tawfiq, Dana A. Abdulkhaleq, Shara Jalal Hama & Shang Haseeb Abdulqader  Some genotypes of six-rowed barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) were cultivated under rainfall conditions at two winter growing seasons 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 in the   111 - 118 English 20.09.2016 
Spatial variability of Soil fertility using soil chemical data, Atrush area, Duhok, Kurdistan region, Iraq Lida Issazadeh1*, Omar A.O. Rekani1, Vahil I. H. Barwari1, Sipal Mohammed Taher1 One of the basic factors in sustainable crop production is enhancing soil quality based on the soil fertility and returning absorbed nutrition by plants to the soil. In this spatial   119 - 128 English 20.09.2016 
Growth and root yield of carrot as affected by magnetic water and sowing times Sawsan M.S. Ali Kanimarani1, Maqsood Khalid abdulrahman1, Hawraz Putrus Danha2  This study examines effects of two sowing times (28/10 and 14/11 of 2014) and different levels of magnetic treatment of irrigation (0, 2500, 5000gauss) on ..  1 - 8 English 20.09.2016 
Generalized Semistrongly Convex Fuzzy Sets Pishtiwan O. Sabir The intention of this work is to study various aspects on the concepts of generalized convex fuzzy sets, generalized strongly convex fuzzy sets, and generalized semistrongly convex fuzzy sets. Precisely has investigated the properties and relations among them.  259 - 268 English 20.09.2016 
Hydrological modelling of Chaqchaq ungauged watershed using Arcswat model Abdul Razzak T. Ziboon1, Kawa Z. Abdulrahman2, & Shelan Ezzat Arif 3 In this study sediment and rainfall-runoff models have been developed for the Chaqchaq ungauged watershed using Arc SWAT and remotely sensed satellite image.   231 - 248 English 20.09.2016 
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