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Assessment on Elevated Serum Vitamin B12 Level in Cancer Patients at Hiwa Hospital

Nian N. Noori*1, Zhian S. Ramzi2, Aveen H. Saeed3, Kosar  A. Omer4,Dosti N. Othman4, Beston F. Nore

1Dept.  of  Chemistry,  School  of  Science  Education,  Faculty  of  Science  and  Science  Education, 

2Dept.  of family and Community Medicine, 

3Dept. of Biochemistry,  School of Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University  of  Sulaimani,  Sulaimani,  Kurdistan  Region,  IRAQ. 

4Dept.  of  Hematology,  Hiwa  HematologyOncology Center,  Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, IRAQ. 

5Dept. of Health, Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, IRAQ.

*Correpsonding address: Nian N. Noori, Department of Chemistry, University of Sulimani, Sulaimani, Kurdistan- Iraq,

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Original: 05.09.2015Revised: 25.02.2016Accepted: 21.04.2016Published online: 20.09.2016

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Free  circulating  serum  Vitamin  B12  (Vit-B12)  levels  is  mainly  used  for diagnosis  the  deficiency  of  cobalamin  (Cbl).  However,  approximately 15% of  patients have hyper  cobalaminemia (high Vit-B12  levels) without any existing consensus for its clinical implications. But elevated levels of serum Vit-B12  could be a sign of severe, even life-endangering diseases such  hematologic  complications  and  numerous  tumour  types.  In  this work, we shall evaluate the diagnostic values of elevated Vit-B12  levels in  50  cancer  patients  (solid  cancer  patients,  non-solid  cancer)  with  36 healthy  people  as  control.  The  data  shows  that  the  elevated  Vit-B12 concentration in the  cancer  patients was attributed,  at least  partly,  to  the cancer  type  or  stage.  Interestingly,  %50  of  patients  had  Vit-B12  levels much  greater  than  the  upper  limit  (>489  pg/ml),  while  the  36  control samples (apparent healthy) had  normal levels 100%, within the reference  intervals (141  pg/ml to 489 pg/ml). We have concluded that the  elevated serum  Vit-B12  is  not  related  to  diet  intake,  but  most  likely  result  of malignant  processes.  This  work  emphasizes  that  the  possible  clinical course  of  hyper  cobalaminemia  should  be  under  attention  in  the diagnostic process of malignancies


Cobalamin, Leukemia, 

Biomarker, Solid Cance

Circulating Vitamin B12