Using Standard Division to Solve Multi- Objective Quadratic Fractional Programming Problems

Nejmaddin A. Sulaiman, Maher A. Nawkhas

Department of Mathematics - College of Education, 
Salahaddin University



In this paper, Standard Division (SD) technique is used to solve multi-objective Quadratic fractional programming problems 
(MOQFPP), each objective functions has the following form  max.(min.)z=(a_1^t x+α)(a_2^t x+β)/(b_1^t x+γ)(b_2^t x+δ) , and an algorithm suggested for it. Also the problems solved by Chandra Sen technique. We test several examples but introduce two of them in this paper and compare the objective functions between SD and Sen’s technique which is indicate SD technique batter than the other.

Key Words:

Standard Division,
Chandra Sen,


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