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Well-posedness Techniques in the Qualitative Analysis for a class of Equilibrium problems

Ayed E. Hashoosh1, Mohsen Ali mohammady2 ,Amneh Almusawi1

1 Department of mathematics,
College Of Education For Pure Science, University of Thi- Qar, Iraq. 

2 Department of Mathematics, 
College Of Education For Pure Science, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Iran.

Original: 22 June 2016, Revised: 6 August 2016, Accepted: 16 October 2016, Published online: 20 March 2017



The main goal of this paper is to establish some well-posedness results for a nonstandard equilibrium problem (for short ) and for optimization problem involving α-monotone bifunction, whose solution is sought in a subset K of a real reflexive Banach space X. Moreover, we establish some metric characterizations of well-posedness for a nonstandard equilibrium problems and for an optimization problem.

Key Words:
Equilibrium problem; Well-posed optimizat -ion problems; bifunction monotone; Metric char- acterizeations.


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