Direct on Line Operation of Three Phase Induction Motor using MATLAB
Adil Omar1, Alaa M Abdulrahman2, Ghamgeen I. Rashed3
1,2,3Department of Electrical Engineering , College of Engineering, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

Original: 20 November 2018, Revised: 25 August 2019, Accepted: 26 August 2019, Published online20 December 2019


Induction motors are most widely used motors due to their reliability, robustness and low cost. However, huge starting current and sudden change in load current of three phase
induction motor are the most problems in high power applications since these lead to damage the motor. Therefore, controlling the current during transient is essential to protect
the motor from damage. In order to control current instantaneously, it is required firstly to model the motor and secondly to represent the rotational three phase (current and voltage) in
stationary frame and this can be done using DQ modeling. The DQ modeling proposed in literature, the effect of friction was neglected and this reduces the correctness of the
modeling. This Paper will look at the DQ modeling and method of starting up of the three phase induction motor. At first, the novelty of this paper is to find the friction of the motor
practically and include it in the DQ model. Then, it calculating three phase induction motor parameters which will help in the modeling process Then, it uses the direct on line method
(DOL) to validate the DQ model using MATLAB/Simulink

Key Words: Three-phase induction, Motor, Matlab, Modeling


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