A Techno Economic Analysis of 2MW On-Grid Solar Power Plant for Tourist City Chavy – Land

Asso R. Majeed 1, Dlzar Al Kez1, Parikhan M Ali1

1 Electrical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Original20 February 2019Revised25 July 2019 Accepted11 September 2019Published online20 December 2019


Iraqi Kurdistan Region has a big potential in solar energy, because of its location and territorial extension. Yet the exploration of this technology not widely accepted in this
region due to some reasons including the high installation cost, the lack of experience and technical unknowns. In this paper, a techno-economic analysis has been carried out to
resolve some of these unknowns using 2MW solar power system and Chavy land city as a test bed. The system tries to contribute to part of daily energy demand of the place. The
well-known computational System Advisor Model (SAM) simulation used to run technical and financial analysis. Simulation results showed that the system contributes significantly to
power the area and reduce the load on the national grid. Although initial installation cost shows high prices, within a short period it would not only recover installation costs but also
help gain substantial disbursement through the lifetime of the system.

Key WordsSolar photovoltaic system, Global horizontal irradiation, Grid-connected, Load flow


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