The Relation Between Lower Spinal Congenitalanomalies and Chronic Low Back Pain

 Raoof. R. Mirza

College of Medicine, University of Sulaimani


To find out the relation of lower spinal congenital anomalies (CA) to chronic low back pain (LBP "(back pain for more than 3 months': One hundred patients with chronic LBP in whom the cause had not been identified  were studied, found that 30 patients (30%) had some kind of CA in their lower spines, while in the other 70 (70%) there were no any identified CA. At the same time 66 normal people who had not suffered from back pain studied on the same standards, found that 19 (28.87%) of them had some kind of CA in their lower spines, while in the rest 47 (71.21%) there were not any evident CA. These figures give a conclusion that there is no definite relation between lower spinal CA and chronic LBP (p-value>0.8). 

Keywords :- Low back pain ( LBP) and congenital anomalies (CA) . 


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