Synthesis and Characterization of New Class of Mixed Polysulfide Ligands of Chromium (III) Complexes

 M. A. Abdullah

College of Science, University of Sulaimani


From the facile loss of coordinated Sulfur to chromium (Cr-S) and via

intermolecular insertion reaction accompanied by elimination reaction two different chromium (III) complexes; binuclear, pu-(bis L-cysteineato(S-S)disulfide) bis [(mo) allyl - L- cysteineto (N,O,S) chromium (III)], [Cr2 (C3H5O2NS)2 (C3H6)2 (C6H10O4N2S4)] and sodium dihydroxobis(S-methyldisulfide L-cysteinato)chromate (III) Na (Cr(OH)2- (C4H8O2 NS3)2 ) have been synthesised and characterized by UV- visible 1R and NMR spectroscopic methods and elemental analysis techniques.

Keyword:- Chromium (III) complex, polysulfide


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