Magnetic Effect on the Optical Energy Gap of ZnGeP2 Single Crystal

 M.S. Omar1, F.A. Mahmood1, & S.R. Saeed2

College of Science, Salahaddin University,  2 College of Science, University of Sulaimani


The magneto-opticol effect was investigated for the cholcopyrite compound 
ZnGeP2 ,the change in the energy gap due to the magnetic field was measured
to be =~ 0.002 eV at room temperature. The temperature coefficient of 
AEg.B(T)was found to be 1.67 X10-4 eV/K in lhe temperature range(300-400)K. 
the reduced effective mass of carriers m* wos calculated and it found to 
decrease with increasing temperature.

Keywords: ZnGeP2,Magneto-optical effect, Semiconductor compounds, Optical properties.


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