Analysis of Flavonoid Compounds in the Fruit of Prunus Microcarpa

Faiq H. S. Jissain1, & Sirwa N. Majid2

College of Science, Salahaddin University, 2  College of Science, University of Sulaimani

The isolation and identification of flayonoid compounds, rutin and quercefin, in the fiuit of
prunus microcarpa (Rosaceae) are described. The flavonoid compounds have been extracted and
separated by paper chromatography, thin - lays.r - chromatography, and flash coloum chromatography,
Two compounds, rutin and quercetin, rvere identified by IH-NMR, IR, and UV. Rutin was hydrolyzed by
2M HCI /30 min., followed by extracting with ethyl acetate. Quercetin rvas obtained fiorn the organic
layer, and the aqueous layer was examined by paper chromatography and showed the presence of glucose
and rhamnose.
The compound rutin (glycoside flavonoid) was quantified and the concenfration found to be 57.081%.

Key Words : 1H-NMR,flavonoids, prunus microcarpa, T. L. C'


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