Studies on Antileutinizing Activity of Melissia Officinalis

Dlawer M. Sabir

College of Science, Salahaddin University

The active Principle responsible for the antihormonal activity of M. officinalis is formed from phenolic
precursors. For its formation, an oxidation step was found to be essential. As a test model, an isolated mous
leydig cells were used for LH-induced testoserror realease.
The freeze-dried extract (FDE) of the plant leaves showed an LH- inhibition effect. The pre -incubated
LH-ha,rrrrone with FDE of M.officinalis in phosphate buffer pH 7.5 also showed a clear antihormonal effect,
while the treatments of 20Yo oxidized FDE of Mel. officinalis showed relatively lesser effect than the above
two mentioned treatments.. The most inhibition phase was associated with 20% oxidized Mel. officinalis
(FDE) preincubated in phosphate buffer pH7.S.Oxidation of caffeic acid by the polyphenol oxidase, which
has been isolated from Melissia and purified by ion exchange chrornatography ,also leads to the formation of
oligomers which exert also the LH inhibition to the same extent as the last mentioned treatrnent.So the
addition of 25 pg of (20% oxidized M. officinalis ,preincubated in phosphate buffer) and the product formed
by enzyrne action,brought the LH inhibtion to zero.

Key Words: Melissia officinaiis, antileutinizing cornpound, polyphenols

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