Incidence of Rose Bengal Positive Agglutination Test Among Blood Donors in Sulaimani Blood Bank

Sherko A. Omer

College of Medicine, University of Sulaimani

This study was achieved to determine Brucella antibodies using Rose Bengal agglutination test in serum of healthy persons attending a blood bank in Sulaimani city in Iraqi Kurdistan region, each person's serum was tested directly without dilution and with 1:80 dilution, the overall positive agglutination results were observed in 29 out of 548 cases (5.29%). Twenty seven of them gave negative reaction with 1:80 dilution, we recommend that if only Rose Bengal test is used to confirm diagnosis of brucellosis, titration of patients serum is useful for better evaluation.

Keywords: - Brucellosis, Agglutination, Rose Bengal test, blood donors


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