Properties of High-Strength Fibrous Concrete with Crushed Stone as Coarse Aggregate

Shler Saeed Kadir

Civil Engineering Department, Duhok Technical Institute, Kurdistan Region/Iraq

This paper presents a study of vibration characteristics in headstock of a lathe machine, at
different cutting parameters. These parameters are the cutting speed; the depth of cut and the feed rate
.The transducer were used on the headstock in two directions, the vertical and horizontal (feed) direction,
Also for a time domain of (l0sec) in both directions. The results show that the effect of the vertical
vibrations is more significanf than the horizontal (feed) direction, for all of the cases investigated in this
paper. Unlike the veriical vibration, the horizontal vibration is lower and steadier, when the cutting speed,
the depth of cut and the feed rate are increased, Whereas the vertical vibration shows a great fluctuation
when these parameters are increased.

Keywords : Vibration charasteristics, cutting parameters, head stock.

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