A Proposed Method to Solve Quadratic Fractional Programming Problem by Converting to Double Linear Programming
A Surveillance study on the presence and safety of different types of food additive in children’s foods available in the markets
Bifurcation by Application Fenichel's Theorem to Singularity Perturbed ODEs
Generating Pairwise Combinatorial Interaction Test Suites Using Single Objective Dragonfly Optimisation Algorithm
Hepatitis A Seropositivity among Children and Students Under 18 Years Old in Sulaimani Governorate-Kurdistan Regional Government
Hydrocarbon Potential Assessment for Dokan and Gulneri Formations (Upper Cretaceous) in K-130 Well Kirkuk Oil Field, Kurdistan, North of Iraq
Impact of Different Stocking Density on Productive and economic Performance of Broiler Chickens
Internationally recognised index macro- and microfossils used to define the Upper Cretaceous stages boundary
Iraqi Kurdistan Vehicle License Plate Recognition System based on Client-server Network
Model of Prediction of Trihalomethanes (THMs) formation in chlorinated water in water treatment plant using Artificial Neural Network
New Image Compression/Decompression Technique Using Arithmetic Coding Algorithm
Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Whitham-Broer-Kaup Shallow Water Model Using Finite Difference Methods
On Locally Artinian Rings
On Sw*-Normal Spaces
Physical and optical properties of zinc tellurite Glass embedded Silver Nanoparticles co-dopedwith Nd3+/Er3+ ions
Phytochemical Analysis and Evaluation of Anticonvulsant Effect of Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) Flower Extract in Chicks
Potential of Pistachio-Hard Shell Based Thiosemicarbazone-Acetophenone for Pb2+Metal Sorption: Kinetic Studies, Isotherms Modeling and Optimization
Protective Effects of Exogenous Melatonin on Cisplatin- Induced Acute Nephrotoxicity in Rats
Results on the Domination Polynomial of Some Coalescence Graphs
Self-adjoint Fuzzy Operator in Fuzzy Hilbert Space and its Properties
Shear Strength and Behavior of Reinforced Concrete T-Beam with Openings in Both Web and Flange
Source Rock Assessment of Naokelekan Formation in Iraqi Kurdistan
Stability Analysis of Some Fractional Differential Equations by Special type of Spline Function
Theoretical Study of Alpha Particles Energy loss in essential elements of Human Bones
Well-posedness Techniques in the Qualitative Analysis for a class of Equilibrium problems
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