(1,2 ) Sp-Open Sets In Bitopological Spaces
Cord blood screening for congenital infectious diseases and haematological change in Sulaimani Provence.
Correlation and path coefficient analysis in some durum wheat varieties and their F1 hybrids using line x tester analysis.
Detection of Smo, Gli2 and Gli3 Among Basal Cell Carcinoma Patients in Sulaimani Province.
Effect of fruit dipping in hot water and cold storage duration on postharvest pear fruit characteristics.
Effect of Land Use on Runoff Water Quality in Sulaimani Governorate/ Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
Effect of sand fractions on sandy soil –peat mixture, and irrigation intervals, infiltration rate, bulk density and grass performance in play yard.
Hollow and Semihollow Modules
Influence of supplementation three type of Phytogenic plants in diet on growth Performance, intestinal microflora and immunity of Broiler Cobb-500.
In vitro seed germination, callus induction and naphthodianthrones production in Hypricumm triquetrifolium Turra
Monitoring of Radioactive Background in Qlyasan Stream, Tanjero River and Derbendikhan Lake in Sulaimani Governorate/Kurdistan Region-Iraq.
Parameter Estimation for Binary Logistic Regression Using Different Iterative Methods.
Prediction of Darbandikhan Reservoir Inflow Using ANFIS Models.
Real Time Video Surveillance System for Fire and Smoke Detection Based on Wavelet Transform.
Removal of Water Turbidity Using Different Coagulants
Spatial Distribution of Some Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals of Selected Locations in Sulaimani Governorate, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
Spectral Properties of the Second Order Differential Operators with Eigenvalues Parameter Dependent Boundary Conditions.
Statistics and Variability of Darbandikhan and Dukan dam Inflow time series
Succession of Maize (Zea mays L.) with some winter crops 1 – the effects on weed density and species.
The Nullity of Identifying Path Graph with Some Special Graphs
The Restricted Detour Polynomial of a Ladder Graph L*n
Variation in production of some bioactive molecules of Hypericum triqutrifolium Turra, during plant developmental stages.
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