Effect of maternal body mass index on maternal and fetal outcome in Maternity Teaching Hospital in Sulaimani

Gona Othman Fars , Nian Hakim Ismail & Awayi Xazy Abdulkarim
Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sulaimani. Maternity and Child Health Nursing
Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sulaimani. Medical Surgical Nursing


The current study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of body mass index on birth
outcome. This study was carried out for the period of 20 th February to 18 th April of 2014,
sample of (50) pregnant women who have been attended maternity teaching hospital in
Sulaimani city, to determine the effect of body mass index on birth outcome, and to
explore association between some socio-demographic and obstetrics characteristics with
outcome of birth. The result shows that there is no significant association between body
mass index and outcome of labor or delivery.

Key Words:
BMI, Birth outcome, Baby outcome


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