"Allelopathic Effects of Euphorbia helioscopia and Papaver rhoeas on Germination and Initial Seedling Growth of Cereal Crops and Weed seeds"

Muhammed N. Khasraw, Kamil M. Mustafa, Hussein M. Aziz, Kawa F. Mustafa, Saman A. Ahmad, Fawzy F. Khorsheed
Field Crop Department, Faculty of Agriculture sciences, University of Sulaimani, Iraq.


A laboratory study was conducted to investigate the allelopathic effect of aqueous
extracts of fresh roots and leaves of sunspourge and field- poppy weeds on germination
and growth of four different plant species; wheat, barley, wild mustard and seabious
seeds. Maximum stimulation ratio of germination percentage was observed on barley
seeds with sunspourge root extract was 23.46%. Maximum stimulation ratio of wheat
root length was 59.16% with sunspourge leaf extract and was 33.02% for barley with
field poppy root extract, while poppy leaf extract reduced wild mustard and seabious root
length ratio by 37.22% and 29.99% respectively. The highest stimulatory ratio of wheat
shoot length was 10.84% with poppy leaf extract at the same time reduced seabious
shoot length by 18.52%. Maximum increasing of wheat fresh weight was 88.76% with
poppy leaf extract and was 87.94% with sunspourge extract leaf for barley while
sunspourge leaf extract decreased wild mustard fresh weight by 77.64%. The highest
increasing ratio of barley seedling dry weight recorded with sunspourge leaf extract was

Key Words:
allelopathy, germination, cereal crops, weed control.


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