Influence of Magnetic Treated Saline Water on Salts Leaching from Salt Affected Soil

Khalida Abdul-Karim Hassan , Farhad Ali Hashim and Sarwar Mohammed Rasheed Ahmed
Department of Soil and Water, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Duhok University, Duhok 42001, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

To investigate the effect of water magnetic treatment and irrigation water salinity on salt
leaching from salt affected soil (40.13dS m -1 ), a laboratory experiment was conducted
using soil columns filled with salt affected soil and leached by using 5 and 10 dS m -1
saline water and fresh water (control,1.56 dS m -1 ). The results showed a remarkable
decrease in EC values under all treatments. Concentrations of Na, Ca and Mg decrease
with increasing the number of pore volumes. The efficiency of magnetic treatment on
leaching soluble salts from soil is higher when using water of low salinity in comparison
with water of high salinity level.

Key words:
Magnetic Water, Water Salinity, Leaching


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