Effect of the added weight on the rear wheels and inflating pressure in agricultural Tractor type (New Holland 2WD) on the performance of Mold Board Plow in terms of some mechanical & physical properties of the soil

Fawzy F. Khorshid
Faculty of Agricultural Science-Sulaimani University, Bakrajo Street, Sulaimaniyah-Iraq


Experiment was conducted in one fields of Agricultural Sciences College in
Sulaymaniyah University with Silty-clay soil in order to study the effect of different
weights added to the rear wheels for agricultural tractor type New Holland 2WD,
with the effect of pressure bloating of rear wheels on the performance of triple Mold
Board in terms of some properties represented by: The amount of fuel consumption,
plowing practical speed, Slippage percent, soil penetration resistance, covered soil
volume, number of clods which have a diameter more than 10 cm. Split- plot design
used in this research under randomized complete block design RCBD, where added
weights factor on rear wheels wear put in the main plots represented by two levels
which are without weights and added weights by 100 kg per each rear wheel, While
bloating pressure factor of the wheels has been developed in sub plots by three levels
included 80, 100 and 120 Kpa. The results showed that the added weight had a
significant effect on all studded properties except of fuel consumed amount. While
bloating pressure factor of the wheels was significantly difference in the level 80 Kpa
on 100 Kpa level, which in turn significantly differs on the third level 120 Kpa in all
studied properties. As to the interaction between the factors, the weights 200 kg
factor with bulging pressure wheels 80Kpa recorded best significant effect on the
rest of interactions in all studded properties except in fuel consumed property which
the differences between the factors was In favor for the factor without weights with
the bulging pressure wheels 80 Kpa, as the results showed that there is no significant
differences between number of interactions for all studded properties in the
experiment except soil penetration resistance property, where was significant
differences between its levels.

Key Words:
Added weights to the wheels
Wheels bulge pressure
Mechanical Properties
Soil Physical Properties
Triple Mold Board Plow


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