Sorption Isotherm Phenomena in Cured Oriental Tobacco I. Water Activity Behavior and Hysteresis


  • Aumeed Noori M. Amin Department of Crop Science, College of Agriculture, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Author



Sorption Isotherm Phenomena, Tobacco, Water Activity, Behavior, Hysteresis, Moisture


valuable information can be obtained from the examination of moisture content of tobacco leaves in relation to environmental conditions, especially during the time course of handling. Moisture sorption isotherms of locally grown tobaccos were examined. Tobacco leaves of cultivars behaved differently in term of water activity.

Moisture sorption isotherms of midrib were higher than those of laminal. Temperature dependence of sorption isotherms were apparent. Hysteresis phenomena were distinct. Leaves were different in their hysteresis.


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