Effect of insect pollination on seed yield, oil and growth characteristics of two sunflower cultivars


  • Mohammed Najeeb Khasraw College of Science, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Author




Insect pollination, Seed yield, Oil and growth, Sunflower cultivars


It was found that the height of the plant and the number of leaves / plant increased significantly in the unbaked treatments over the bagged treatments of sunflower heads, just as the number of pollinated and unpollinated seeds / disc increased significantly in the treatments without bagging of the heads, and the yield of pollinated seeds, total seeds, and pulp exceeded And peels were significantly higher in the non-bagged treatments than the bagged treatments, and the percentage of pulp was significantly higher in the Prado Vic variety than the local variety, and on the contrary, a significant increase appeared in the percentage of peels in the local variety.
The percentage of oil of Prado Vic cultivar over the local cultivar increased significantly in the pollinated, unpollinated seeds and bean hulls, while its effect was not significant on the percentage of oil in the seed pulp.


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