Study of the effect of some different growth regulators and light and dark factors on the percentage of germination of local lettuce seeds (Lactuca Sativa)


  • Mohammed Raouf Hussein College of Science, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Author



Growth regulators, Percentage of germination, Lettuce seeds


This study aimed at the effect of different concentrations of the growth regulators gibberellin acid GA3 and indole acetic acid IAA each with three concentrations in addition to the comparison treatment with the effect of light and dark factors on the germination rate of lettuce seeds of the local variety, where GA3 led to a significant increase compared to the control treatment, especially At a concentration of 1000ppm in the dark, while IAA led to an increase in the percentage of germination, but in a non-significant manner, as for the factors of light and darkness, the percentage of germination increased significantly in the dark compared to the light treatment.


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