Effect of moisture tension on yield and some growth characteristics of wheat in two types of soils in northern Iraq - (Iraqi Kurdistan)


  • Akram Abas Khalf College of Agriculture, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Author




Moisture tension, Growth characteristics of wheat, Types of soils, Iraqi Kurdistan


Two types of gypsum soils (Shirqat and Sinjar) were used in terms of the shape of the gypsum contained in them to study the effect of moisture tension on the different characteristics of wheat (Triticum aestivum) cultivar Mexipac, under three levels of humidity (30%, 60% and 100% of field capacity). In a factorial experiment using completely randomized design.
The results showed an increase in most of the studied traits (characteristics of urban growth and production traits) by increasing the moisture content in both soils, and the increase was clear in Sinjar soil compared to Sharqat soil, especially in the characteristics of dry weight, number of forks, straw production, grain yield and harvest index. This indicates the response of wheat to the increase in moisture in the different regions of the gypsum soils, and that the shape of the gypsum has a significant effect on the amount of moisture retention in the soil.


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