Extra Corporial Shock Wave Lithotripsy Sulaimani Teaching Hospital


  • Aso Omar Rasheed College of Medicine, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Author




Extracorporial-shock wave, Renal stone, Ureteric stone


A total of 70 patients with urinary stone disease had ESWL therapy in sulaimania teaching hospital .Disigne; this is a prospective study on a recent available trestment Clinical assessment were made by post ESWL therapy when the patients pass the gravels and followed by a series of radiological examinations for the success of the therapy results; tie study showed a success rate of 77% patients required up to 3 months to achieve stone free . Conclusion; ESWL provide a non invasive,simple therapy for the management of urinary stone disease, provided the stone is less than 2cm.


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