Symmetries and Invariant Solutions for the Thermal Expulsion Equation


  • Maha Falih Jassim Commission of Technical Education, Technical Institute, Kirkuk, Iraq. Author



Lie symmetries, Classical symmetries, Similarity solutions, Invariant solutions


In this paper we study the classical Lie symmetries method for a two dimensional partial differential equation (PDE) which is called the Thermal Expulsion Equation, and we obtained reductions to an ordinary differential equation of a second order (ODE) called principal (ODE).Then we analyzed some problems of the Thermal Expulsion Equation when it is invariant to the stretching group to derive an approximate solution of the Expulsion equation corresponding to impulsive boundary conditions, when these conditions are clamped and a slowly varying happens in them with respect to time again.


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Symmetries and Invariant Solutions for the Thermal Expulsion Equation. (2006). Journal of Zankoy Sulaimani - Part A, 9(1), 99-105.

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