The Middle Oligocene Rock Strata (Tarjil Formation) in Ashdagh Mountain, Sangaw District, Sulaimani Governorate, Kurdistan Region , NE Iraq


  • Soran O. A. Kharajiany University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Author



Middle Oligocene Rock Strata, Tarjil Formation, Ashdagh Mountain


The occurrence of Middle Oligocene rocks in Ashdagh Mountain is previously studied like Baba and Bajwan Formations; both of them belong to Middle Oligocene age; the former Formation represents reef- forereef deposits, while the latter one represents reef- backreef deposits. But Tarjil Formation was not studied in the mountain which is complementary of both Baba and Bajwan Formations and represents forereef- open sea- offshore deposits of the same age. The aim of this study is proving the occurrence of Middle Oligocene sedimentary rock of Tarjil Formation.


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