Response of Growth, Yield and Yield Components of two Sunflower Varieties (Helianthus annuus L.) to Nitrogen Fertilization


  • Shara Jalal Hama Faculty of Agriculture, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Author



Sunflower, Nitrogen fertilization, Growth characters, Yield components and Oil contents


A field study was conducted at spring 2013 in the experimental farm of the Faculty of
Agricultural Science, University of Sulaimany at Bakrajo, to evaluate the response of
some growth characters, yield and yield components of two varieties Flame and Sirena
and three Nitrogen fertilization on growth and yield sunflower (Helianthus annaus L
.).The experiment comprised of two varieties of sunflower (Flame and Sirena) and
Nitrogen fertilization levels (0, 100 and 200) Kg (urea) ha-1. Arranged as Split-Plot in
Randomized Completely Block Design with three replications. performances in term
of plant height, leaves number and stem diameter were evaluated. The important
character of yield, yield components and growth were also evaluated. The Nitrogen
fertilizer levels were implemented in the main plots and varieties implemented in the
sub-plots. The results showed no significant differences between varieties in growth
characters with exception of stem diameter, while it was found to be significant on all
yield characters with exception of disk diameter, there were no significant differences
of nitrogen levels on growth characters with exception of number of leaves plant -1,
while it was found to be highly significant on all yield characters. The effect of
interaction between varieties and Nitrogen levels were no significant for all growth
characters, yield and yield components continue.
The highest percentage of oil represented in the variety (Flame) under the treatment of


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